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Can't Be Everything To Everyone
Various requests that Joel says we can do, Tariq disagrees.

It's Not Easy Being Creative
The clash between art and commerce reaches a boiling point, as different opinions surround a new menu.

Holiday Packaging Room Nightmares
Kitchen is slammed, low on a product, Internet division and retail division fight over available product.

Product Development
Megan and Tariq are developing a new menu, and the troubles they face with getting approval from Joel....Joel always has a vision of what he wants and Tariq isn't a mind reader – so they battle to make new product perfect and agreed on by all.

All About Ed
Ed is the delivery guy and always does his job without complaint. He is willing to get the proverbial "Message to Garcia." But he does have an opinion and it's usually very funny. He also has to deal with all the delivery disasters and irate clients. We will trace his goings on and mine them for nuggets.

Conference/Confrontation Room

The Sucré conference room is the showdown location of the show. This where the differences are hashed out...conversations occur, rumors get started, bad-mouthing...the room is not sound proof and everyone can hear the yelling, oh and its also the dry storage area for the shop.
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