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New Orleans Rum
The Sucré team will join forces with the eccentric New Orleans painter, Michalopoulos, to create a rum-infused chocolate inspired by his paintings. The show will incorporate the Old New Orleans Rum distillery, which is owned by Michalopoulos and the FOW will culminate in the chocolate being presented to the Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, who in turn presents Tariq and Michalopoulos keys to the city.

The Sucré team sets out to launch the biggest product in the company's history, a super-high- end point of purchase macaroon candy in a sleek stylized package. This is the one that could take them over the moon. But it won't be easy. Between product development, packaging design, manufacturers, distributors, and meetings with ad execs, this is a full time project by itself and will be a recurring theme spanning several episodes, culminating in a New York City launch.

Mardi Gras Royalty
Every year the Mardi Gras Krewes install celebrities as their honorary Kings and Queens. For example, CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa are slated for Endymion and actor Andy Garcia will be Grand Marshall of Bacchus. The Sucré team will create a one-of- a-kind pastry in their honor and deliver it during the Mardi Gras ball.

Who Dat Nation
Saints football is all the rage in New Orleans and Tariq has taken it to a whole new level by creating life size candy football helmets for each of the Saints' opponents. Every week brings a new team design and whether it is well liked or not depends in large part to whether the Saints beat that team. This episode will center around Tariq's creation for that week, him visiting the Saints during practice and meeting with Drew Brees, the Saints' performance that week as seen from the Superdome and the final resolution of the FOW, win or lose.

Sucre Boutique
Sucre debuts its first boutique store with a show featuring Tariq creating the ultimate candy wonderland window for Bergdorf's, Macy's or Saks to christen the opening of the shop.

Tariq's best friend invites him to spend a day with him during a show. His friend is the drummer for the hottest country band in the country, Sugarland. Tariq doesn't like country music. They try to change his mind.

Aspen Food & Wine Fest
Tariq makes his debut at the Aspen Food & Wine Fest. Tariq and another famous chef like Daniel Boulud preparing the ultimate feast in an Aspen mansion for a group of celebrity diners.

Couture Macaroons
The Sucré unveils its latest high-end product, Couture Macaroons, in a highly styled event with writers, tastemakers, models, celebrities, and paparazzi. It's a real to do. This could happen in NOLA, although, NYC fashion week in the Fall may be the ticket.

New Orleans Center For The Creative Arts
One of Tariq's goals is to teach young aspiring chefs his art, but he claims to not like children. The New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts is one of the most distinguished institutions of its kind in the country and Tariq will be joining the adjunct faculty to nurture young culinary artists.

The Slayer
Joel invests large sums of company funds to install the Ferrari of coffee makers that can, in his words, "brew a moving cup of coffee." Tariq likes gas station coffee just fine. Slayer drama ensues.

Flight Of A Lifetime
Tariq becomes an Honorary Group Commander of the 159th Fighter Wing of the USAF 'Bayou Militia' in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Part of the honor is taking a flight in an F-15 Eagle, flown by his friend Major David Slaydon. Meanwhile, Joel is sweating a deadline for an Uptown party in New Orleans.
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