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This series will extend beyond the bounds of television broadcast window. We will attract a larger audience on multiple platforms. This provides a wonderful opportunity for domestic & international partners and sponsors to have their brand align with a compelling story that is directed to their targeted audience/consumer. Along with the series, our "added value" platform creates additional opportunities for sponsorships, product placement, and more.
Television Distribution
This opportunity for domestic and international distribution.
Has the flexibility to be a 30-minute or a 1-hour series.
Has an "evergreen" shelf life that can be aired multiple times. Great for amortization.
Develop webisodes that offer an interactive experience.

Web episodes will have a different 2 to 5 minute video of "behind the scenes" footage with characters casually consuming snacks, a beverage or 2, and Tariq making the piece-de-resistance, shot with a very relaxed point of view, 180 degrees different than that of a normal cooking show.

Educational Component
We have partnered with the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA) and will feature Tariq's efforts to train up and coming chefs and will highlight short video clips of his training sessions. These clips will be available for viewing on the show's website.
Cook Book
This can be tied in as a promotional opportunity for broadcast partner, distributor, sponsors, etc.
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