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Chocolate Seasons
The fine dessert business is marked by seasons: Valentine's Day, Easter, Mothers/Fathers Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are the busiest times in the business, unless you are in New Orleans, in which case, you add Mardi Gras and a Saints Season to the list. Each of these seasons requires an entire strategy built around products geared towards that season. Add on top all the special orders and the regular menu and it creates quite a daunting schedule that requires a break-neck pace.

Flavor of the Week ("FOW")
Each episode centers around the Sucré team's FOW, which is the main effort for that week or series of weeks, be it to create and launch a new product that is worthy of the most discerning pallets (school kids, famous chefs, politicians and dignitaries, celebrities and royalty...Mardi Gras royalty that is) and meets the standards set forth by "certain people" (Tariq's nickname for Joel) or keeping up with the chocolate seasons or catering to a celebrity or challenging other chefs to cook offs or teaming with a fashion icon or dashing off to the Fine Food Fest. No matter the week, each will offer a gripping FOW that will keep the team running.

First, we will feature the Sucré team's brainstorming sessions on the FOW. Then the team will set out to accomplish the FOW....design and perfect the creation...lots of trial and error...tastings by focus groups...this is where the creative process is exhibited...Tariq struggles...needs inspiration...goes flying in an F-15, or plays karaoke rock, etc...Joel fumes. Then the episode culminates with the resolution of the FOW and the call introducing the next FOW.
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