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Ready Jet Set Go!
Ready Jet Set Go is a travel show that reinvents the family vacation, as two adventurous moms and their troop of six children explore the six continents, sharing insights on how to vacation with kids, while educating the children about different countries and cultures. Convinced that the most valuable things in life are wonderful memories and the experiences that create them, Nicelle Herrington and Lucy Rorech carry their families on a journey of discovery that takes them to alluring lands where they meet some colorful characters and broaden their views of the world. Whether yodeling in the Alps, or bathing with rescued elephants in Laos, RJSG dives headfirst into a new kind of family vacation.

Nicelle and Lucy are modern day moms and they aren't gonna let a few kids slow them down. Nor will they ever settle for the run-of-the-mill vacation. They want more for their kids and would never be seen wearing fanny packs. Lucy and Nicelle want to have their cake and eat it too?...Fashionably fun travel with kids that incorporates an educational component. Is that too much to ask? Heck no! So they set out to make a unique vacation experience that melds the perfect balance of intrigue and education.

But travelling with kids is never easy...tantrums and bickering are present at every turn. Especially with 6 kids aged 2, 2, 4, 6, 6 and 13. It takes a carefully-thought-out approach to making family travel pleasant, and well- planned activities that keep children engaged. That's exactly what the RSJG team delivers...one part travel agent, one part consumer advocacy, one part tour guide and all parts Mom. The show focuses on appealing destinations and activities that have an inherent educational or cultural value, and is geared for the modern mom who is interested in enriching their children's lives by exposing them to different cultures and ways of thinking. One thing is for sure, you will think twice before booking your next trip.

The RJSG gang is ready to go, are you?
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