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Possible Episodes
Ice is Nice, Sweden
Feel the cold and stay in a palace of ice for a night. The RJSG families hunker down and try to overnight it where even the furniture is made from ice. The kids try their hand at ice sculpting and a guide gives us a glimpse of how the hotel was built. Then it's off for a dog sledding adventure through frozen forests and atop crystallized lakes. The day ends as the group takes in one of nature's finest light shows the Aurora Borealis.

No Two Bones About It, Montana
Get down and dirty with the gang as they follow a legendary paleontologist into the field. Track down and dig out bones on a scavenger hunt Mother Nature made her dang self. After a rest, the gang explores the pristine Rocky Mountains on horseback and aim to make Lewis and Clark proud. The moms embark on an intoxicating hot air balloon ride and meet the kids back at the camp for an old fashioned cowboy dinner cooked over a blazing fire.

Arabian Nights - Marrakech, Morocco

Immerse yourself in this North African hive of activity and watch as the RJSG gang delight in the labyrinthine souks watching snake charmers fire eaters and acrobats. Then follow them as they escape the hurly burly of the medina on a camel tour into the desert in search of Bedouin settlements. Later, the moms indulge in a traditional hammam treatment (a bathing scrubbing and moisturizing ritual) and leave with skin as soft as their baby's bottoms!

Elephant Parade - Laos

Interning at an elephant village, the gang learns the art of the mahout (elephant keeper) and helps bathe the animals in the Nam Khan River. They mount the majestic pachyderms, all of which have been rescued from dangerous work, and are led to a nearby waterfall where they break to frolic in the luminous water. The moms make a pilgrimage to the Pak Ou Caves to pay homage to the thousands of Buddha images hidden away over the centuries. The group meets local children whilst hosting a "book party" in conjunction with an organization promoting literacy in rural Laos.

The Sound of Music- Austria

Get your yodel on, while the RJSG crew hikes in the majestic Alps. It truly does fill ones heart with the sound of music. This eco hotel prides itself on being family friendly, the children discover the haystack and tree house complete with a zip line. Dinner is set in the restored cowshed with traditional Austrian garb and song...and the cows will be watching! The evening winds down at the vintage bowling alley as the families square off.

Wool World- Hawke's Bay New Zealand
Learn all about the rustic charm and unique character of life on a working farm set on the coast of New Zealand. Staying at this modern hands on farm and hotel the families participate in milking a cow, sheering sheep, and wood chopping. The families explore the seashore, the kids splashing and finding interesting shells. Then the gang explores a nearby honey farm and our senses come alive with a taste of the Arataki honey. Yum!

Enchanting Land - Mayo, Ireland
Grab your princess dress and knight armor and run amuck with us in this medieval castle dating back to 1228. Follow us across the moat and observe as the RJSG gang take on the ancient field sports of falconry and archery on this vast and historical estate. Then watch as the moms try their hand at clay pigeon shooting. Everyone dresses for dinner in the great hall then reposes fireside listening to a beguiling storyteller.

Yucatan Treasure - Veracruz, Mexico
Arriving in Veracruz the children are thrilled to learn that the chicle plant (of chewing gum fame) is native to the area and they try their hand at making gum. Next up, a visit to Tajin, one of the most outstanding archaeological zones in Mexico, where the children explore the ruins and re-enact the legend of the God Calimaxtla. Exhausted by all that agricultural and historical work the team relaxes and plays on the unspotted Gulf of Mexico beaches. As night falls, the moms enter the mystical temazcal, where native Mexican purification rituals techniques deliver them to a state of absolute calm.

Art of Pasta- Tuscany, Italy
Staying in a centuries old Borgho nestled in an olive grove, the kids apprentice to an old school Italian chef. They handpick rosemary thyme and vegetables from the cook's garden, then, gather in the stone clad kitchen for a hands-on pasta-making lesson. Picking and treading grapes from the local vineyard makes for some very messy fun but all that extra laundry is worth it for the moms who enjoy the wine tasting once the children are tucked up in bed.
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