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MARKETING – "Value Added"
The RJSG website will be a combination blog and information vehicle. All of the trip's itineraries including links to the lodging and transportation will be available and will make it easy to mirror the trips taken by the RJSG team.

The website will feature behind the scenes videos of the RJSG gang researching their destinations in an effort to identify the places that have the elements of style, cultural enrichment, and kid-friendly entertainment, then plot the course on how to complete the journey.

The vetting of each location: What is it about the place that makes it special?...What can be learned about the people and the land?...How kid- friendly can it be?...What pitfalls to avoid? Then the travel planning to get there: Plains, trains and automobiles?...What's the best airline?...Taxi or ferry?...Hotel, castle or bed & breakfast?...camel-back or rickshaw? Next, preparations: What products and services will make the trip more accommodating?...Shipping and customs?...Medical, etc? There will be a "what to pack" list that will highlight all of the details that can make help to make the vacation easy and fun. The products, clothes, toys and travel gear that the RJSG moms and kids favor can be shopped for directly from the site.
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