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Episodic Breakdown
Each episode opens with the RJSG gang in a new and exciting destination that has all the elements of style, cultural enrichment, and kid-friendly activities.

The first segment will show the team's highly anticipated arrival at the new location and the excitement and joy as the kids explore their new surroundings...bounding through the grounds.

Next, some unique and dynamic character will be introduced...some colorful personality from the community that has a story to tell or a lesson to share, be it a chef, or an artist, a farmer or even a snake charmer. Relevant historic or cultural information will be interspersed.

Then it's off to planned enrichment outings where the kids are encouraged to open their minds to new ideas. Each activity will be age-appropriate and will feature some lesson learned. Think dog sledding, making gum, falconry, camel rides, picking and treading grapes, washing elephants in a waterfall, digging for dinosaur bones, swimming with dolphins, milking cows to make cheese.

Mom's Time Out
Balance is an important part of a vacation, so each episode will feature some Mom fun...a soak in thermal waters or a tasting of the regions wine...a yoga class, or synchronized swimming...each time out will allow the Moms to reflect on their trip and laugh about the faux pas.

Dining – Local Food, Ingredients and Music
Local food and ingredients will be highlighted and the importance of the family sit-down dinner will be underscored, as each episode will show the RJSG team dining in the local fashion. This is where the families will share stories and anecdotes about the day's activities and enjoy some local food and music. Fashion will be an element at each dinner and the children will be dressed appropriately for the setting, whether its little tuxedoes at a formal dining room in a castle in Ireland or Ralph Lauren khakis at a bivouac dinner on safari in Africa.
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