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Lucy Rorech

Lucy grew up with her sister between London and a working farm in Thaxted, a small rural English village, raised by an Anglo Indian mother and thoroughly British father. Both parents were passionate about travel and family vacations were spent everywhere from Ibiza to Egypt to Australia. When Lucy was 12 the family visited New York and she was mesmerized by the city's vibrancy and equal measure of glamour and grit. Returning home she told her friends that she was moving there and, after school, that's exactly what she did!

On Day 1 of living in New York she met JP and decided, "they certainly didn't make them like that in the UK!" They married on a balcony overlooking Central Park, honeymooned in Africa and then lived in various neighborhoods all over Manhattan - 11 apartments in 12 years - but who's counting?

Recently they put down roots in Brooklyn where Lucy immediately dove into community outreach work and is currently the PTA President at her son's school. Lucy is the proud mother of 3 delightful children, Will, Julian and Eliza, who love to turn up the volume on the Wham CD for an after dinner dance party just as much as she does!

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Nicelle Herrington

Nicelle grew up in sunny California where her parents introduced good food and travel at an early age. As a girl she spent her weekends frolicking in the fields of Yosemite Valley and tinkering with her Polaroid. She studied at the University of New Orleans, Otis school of Design and the Deena Levy Acting Studio in NYC. Nicelle has held a variety of producer positions in the production and post-production industries. Her career has taken her abroad to live in London, Madrid and Stockholm.

And if you think you recognize Nicelle, you might be right. She has been a face on TV over the last few years starring in nationally aired commercials for products such as Cheerios, Campbell's Soup and T-Mobile.

Having children is the drive for her creative force, and she came up with the idea of RJSG soon after the birth of her second son, Milo. She is represented by Ingber and Associates in NYC.

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Milo, 2

Even though Milo is the youngest of the RJSG crew he is in some ways the mightiest! Don't let his cherubic face and diminutive stature fool you, he loves mischief and can hang with the best of them.

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Eliza, 2

The only girl among the RJSG kids, you would think that Eliza is a princess. Not at all, this lassie is more "Scout" Finch than Shirley Temple and has the scraped knees and torn dresses to prove it!

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Julian, 4

Tough guy Julian is known for his crazy eyebrows that resemble a devil's horns and menacing statements such as "I will twist you up like a pretzel!" Constantly pushing limits (and his mother's buttons), his one Achilles heel is food...he loves to eat and will try anything from Asiago to zebra.

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Floyd, 6

He marches to the beat of his own drum, has a heart of gold, a curious nature and an adventurous streak. He is a true wild card because you're never really sure what he is going to say or do next! A crack up, Floyd is constantly entertaining the RJSG team with his impressions of his teachers, his mother and various cartoon characters. An outdoors boy as well as an entertainer, Floyd loves archery, fishing, wildlife and life in general.

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William, 6

Dreamy eyes shy smile and compassionate nature make Will the reigning 1st grade heart throb! However, don't mistake him for a wimp. Valiant and determined, he will meet any challenge head-on and will be the first in line to ride the rapids, the camel, the rollercoaster or whatever else needs riding!

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Jasper, 13

A self-proclaimed nature boy, Jasper can catch just about anything anywhere (much to mom's dismay). He loves to lead other kids on wild adventures, is a master storyteller and is very passionate about everything he does. When Jasper grows up he would like to be a filmmaker and an activist for animals. "It shouldn't be too difficult for Jasper," says his father, "because once he sets his mind on something, watch out!"

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