five-oh-four is a gritty episodic docu-drama set in some of the toughest neighborhoods in New Orleans and explores the lives of a group of young unsigned rappers as they pursue their version of the American dream...striving for fame and fortune in a city more familiar with turmoil and tragedy.

New Orleans.
A city whose music is at the core of its soul.
A city where people on the fringe are being left behind
and problems on all levels abound.

Enter: The rap game.
The voice of a disenfranchised African-American youth.
Their music...their angst...their outlet.
In their minds, the only way out.

Very few make it...Most don't.

Every big city has them, young people whose view of success lies within the distorted framework of the hand that's been dealt them. Pawns in a game where the odds are stacked against them. This is a story of destiny, hope and the elusive nature of fortune and fame.

five oh four will introduce the players and move makers and navigate an urban landscape wrought with poverty and blight, where violence and drugs are an everyday part of life…palpable and riveting. Where having talent isn't enough and your destiny is shaped daily by the choices you make in a wasteland of dreams unmet.

This is an episodic series that is transportable...from one season to the next...
Detroit (three one three), Baltimore (four one oh), Brooklyn (seven one eight),
Atlanta (four oh four), Compton (three one oh). Each city... It's own sound. Same players. Different names.

For now...
Meet the players of five-oh-four

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